COTSWELDS one off custom built Roll Cages are hand made, ensuring a perfect fit is achieved every time. Only the best materials are used.

Cages are available in either mild steel tubing (CFS3BK) or Chrome moly/T45 tubing. Box section cages are also available (for certain types of motor sport).

Tig and Mig welding is an in house operation completed to the highest standard, removable bolt in cages are also available.

The moly/T45 cages are fully tig welded and the mild steel cages can be mig or tig welded.

All our Cages meet relevant RACMSA regulations. Any type of cage is available from a basic 4 point roll bar to a 14 point full cage. Complete tube chassis/Roll Cages are also available.

We can also construct cages for beach buggies and show cars. Basically any cage for any car be it a road or track day car, show car or an out and out race car. Just Contact Us and we will advise you of your best course of action.

We can also supply raw materials (tubing, brackets etc) if you wish to construct your own cage. We are more than wiling to put bends in your own material. We can also provide advise if needed.